SAFECID Beer Line Cleaner Quart

Choosing Safe Beer Line Cleaning Products

Change is uncomfortable. The larger the enterprise, the more difficult is it to make significant changes to policies, procedures and processes.  Beer line cleaners across the nation are making significant changes. They are choosing to protect their business and customers with SAFECID beer line cleaning products. SAFECID's advanced technology is a game changer for the industry. Its patented product cleans like sodium hydroxide, has a high surfactant level and a high PH, yet has no toxic properties. For many years, beer line cleaners across the nation have hidden the fact that they are using SAFECID. They felt forced to hide it for fear of losing business contracts with major beer suppliers and distributors that specify which toxic chemicals must be used or be in breach of contracts.  Yet, the fear of devastating the life of a draft beer patron at a bar or restaurant has driven many beer line cleaners away from adhering to these requirements. One of the problems with the industry is that beer line cleaner's schedules can be on the minute-by-minute basis going location to locations with very short windows of opportunity to complete their services. These tight schedules can lead to errors and one mistake can lead to the severe injury or death of a draft beer patron. More and more beer line cleaners are choosing SAFECID because it works as well as the toxic chemicals without the risks. It is competitively priced and does not require any changes to the beer line cleaning routines.  At Brewer's Fresh, we proudly represent to our brewery, restaurant and hotel customers that we use SAFECID. They are thrilled with knowing that we are helping to protect their business and their customers with safe beer line cleaning products. We are so committed to educating the industry about SAFECID that we help other beer line cleaners learn about this amazing product and how they, too, can make the change. It is more than good business, it is the right thing to do!  To learn more about SAFECID, please go to or give us a call at 858-240-TAPS. We are happy to help you learn more!
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